Orchestron Risk Language: More Than Just Metadata

Orchestron Risk Language (ORL) is an advanced vulnerability repository unlike any other. You get a huge amount of vulnerability data from over 30 massive databases, plus our own extensive custom libraries.

Dynamic Vulnerability Encyclopaedia

ORL gives you detailed descriptions of each vulnerability by CWE, OWASP categories and alias names. Identify uncategorised vulnerabilities and assign CWEs and common names for scan results according to the tools you use.

Threat Modelling at Every Stage of Development

From architecture and design, to implementation, to operation, ORL defines your vulnerabilities throughout the development cycle. Get context on how each threat changes when going from a static to a dynamic application.

Good Code vs. Bad Code Examples

ORL makes your life so much easier by giving you real-world examples of what you should be doing. Every vulnerability instance gets its own illustration of good code and bad code, so your dev team knows how to modify your application’s source code.

Mapping Your Vulnerabilities Down to the Instance

After every vulnerability scan, Orchestron instantly maps scan results with the ORL database. Get a comprehensive insight into every instance of every vulnerability, with extra information about potential exploits in your application.