We know that your organisation works differently than the one just down the road. You’ve figured out what’s best for you, and disrupting your workflow to retrofit Orchestron isn’t an option. But what if there was a way to make it as though Orchestron supports all specialised in-house tools you use?

Turns out there is! And we call it Orchestron JSON.

How it works: A 3-Step Process

We understand your workflow

This is the first stage. Our team learns about your pipeline, and how your organisation’s development cycle works. Once we understand your process, it’s on to the next step.

We build a tailored solution

Using the information we gathered in the first step, we create a brand-new framework in conjunction with Orchestron. It’s a solution custom-built to suit your exact needs.

You efficiently manage vulnerabilities

The solution we build for your organisation lets you integrate your own custom tools that Orchestron didn’t support before. Use all your own tools seamlessly with our correlation platform. You won’t even notice the difference.