At we45, we’re proud to announce the introduction of OAugment, a solutions framework on top of Orchestron that is intended to help us deliver holistic change to product teams of varied capacities across today’s market. As the person who conceived and pushed for this introduction I feel it is my duty to pen down the intention behind this move. To explain the vision behind it and provide clarity over the outcome it promises.

From the beginning of 2019, I’ve seen a distinct pattern emerge from the conversations I’ve had with product teams across the world. That differing product teams have differing requirements and no two product teams work the same way. The way a team is assembled, the skill-set of its individual members and the way they interact with one another all give rise to varied workflows.

Let me paint you a picture which will illustrate this further. Consider the issue of vulnerability management. Company A is a large organisation with different teams that work under separate silos. Security teams can generally be expected to assess the product post development and push reports back to development teams for vulnerability remediation. The general workflow here is linear and successive. Meaning the workflow isn’t optimised for time. Therefore, while a vulnerability management platform will help security teams better manage their vulnerability data ( by correlating tool results and reducing false positives) it won’t address the issue of linear workflows that can potentially cause delays in product releases.

Now consider the case of lean product teams in a smaller or medium sized Company B. Smaller teams overcome the challenge of cross team communication easily but are still handicapped with fewer resources. While correlation of vulnerability data saves tons of man hours spent in manual triaging they still need developer friendly vulnerability management platforms that can be integrated with their working environment.

After more than a decade of discussing security solutions with prospective clients I can state with some certainty that the above two hypothetical scenarios are an accurate reflection of real-world situations. Today operational workflows have become increasingly complex and varied. Which gives rise to varied requirements. Which is why we plan on offering a solutions framework in conjunction with Orchestron that is tailor made for a specific organisation. That is our vision behind OAugment – to deliver holistic value.

About the author

Bharat Kishore is the Head of Client Services at we45. He has over a decade of client facing experience within the IT domain and is an integral part of the functional development team at Orchestron. If you want to talk about security or gaming (except on consoles) you can get in touch with him here.


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