Identify False Positives Instantly

Every new vulnerability scan creates the possibility of new false positives that don’t belong in your reports. Instead of identifying them one-by-one manually, Orchestron automatically marks false positive results so they don’t appear in your open vulnerabilities tab.

Easily Set False Positives

If you find an open vulnerability to be a false positive, simply mark it as one with the click of a button. It will be transferred to a separate ‘False Positives’ section. Marked it by mistake? Just deselect the setting and it goes back to the open vulnerabilities section. It’s as easy as that.

‘Hard’ Mark False Positives

Have you been noticing the same false positive vulnerability pop up after every new scan? With Orchestron’s Hard Mark False Positive feature, you can set that vulnerability as a false positive for all future scans, ensuring it doesn’t show up again. You can toggle this on or off.